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Reset & Resilient Wellness welcomes you

A liberation-focused space cultivated for you to reset, reconnect, and radically heal.

incense healing
Image by Ismael Reis

somatic & attachment focused.

polyamory-friendly. kink-friendly.

first generation american.

millennial therapist.

cambodian woman
Image by Valeriia Bugaiova

I help first-generation, liberation-seeking millennials overcome stuckness to unapologetically reclaim their lives back from societal pressure and programming.

It is your time to reset, reconnect, and radically heal.

Mao Beckett LCSW, LICSW

As an inclusive and liberation-oriented therapist striving to decolonize mental health treatment and healing, I incorporate an ethical framework of psychotherapy, spiritual and ancestral healing to encourage optimal changes in the mind, community, body, and spirit. I can support you in overcoming stuckness, ambivalence, breaking unhelpful life patterns, and finding your voice and confidence through my therapy, coaching, or consultation services.

Photo credit: Dorothy James Photography captured at Ina Wellness Collective Wellness Retreat in Yona, Guam