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Reiki Services

Reiki is a Japanese meditative practice that promotes physical and emotional wellness and attunement. The practice is gentle yet powerful as it promotes self-awareness, calmness, compassion and resiliency through Reiki meditations, mindful breathing, self-healing with one's own hands, and the contemplation of the five Reiki Precepts.

Based in Guam, I offer in-person and distant, individualized Reiki healing and meditative sessions to help guide you in aligning with your wholeness and optimal energy.

Image by Syd Sujuaan
I work with clients to learn how to sit with your thoughts, feelings and experiences with tenderness and curiosity. I encourage you to slow down and allow yourself to be present in the moment and experience.

"We generate the energy of mindfulness to illuminate everything that is happening in the present moment. Embrace each emotion and moment with great tenderness."


 - Thich Nhat Hahn

Face Massage
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