Healing is more than just coping through life and tolerating distress.

In this collaborative partnership, we will cultivate an ecosytem that works for you to optimize your well-being, mental health, and resiliency.

Constantly feeling of stuck, tired, guilty, and overworked can feel discouraging when you are doing everything you can to cope and manage it all. In my practice, your voice is priority and you are the expert of your life and experiences. I recognize seeking therapy and professional support can be intimidating. I invite you to bring all of your identities and parts to our meetings where we can honor and explore them at your pace.

​My lived experience as a First-Generation American, mother, military veteran and spouse, alongside my formal education, training, and clinical knowledge allows me to support and guide you in a meaningful way where you feel validated and heard. My role is to hold a non-judgmental space for you and encourage insight and self-awareness to promote optimal healing.  


I earned my Master of Social Work degree from Boston College after serving seven years in the military. During my social work career, I worked in various settings supporting diverse communities practicing from an anti-oppressive and social justice- oriented approach where I acknowledge how systemic racism and prejudices affect mental and physical health.

Photo credit: Dorothy Joy Photography at Ina Wellness Collective Retreat 

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